iOS App Development

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10:30 AM- 12:00 PM

Jinnah Colony Campus | Faisalabad. Morning 3 Months

Course Description

This Specialization covers the fundamentals of iOS application development in the Swift programming language. You will learn to use development tools such as Xcode, design interfaces and interactions and evaluate their usability, and integrate camera, photo, and location information to enhance your app. In the final Capstone Project, you will apply your skills to create a fully-functioning photo editing app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. A Mac computer is required for success in this course.

Who can join?

You are our audience whom we honor and we are all here to serve you in iOS 11 development. We are ready to train even the most inexperienced person with no knowledge of such development. So if you are a student, employee, professional or an entrepreneur; halt at our station to get domination over all the iOS 11 development tactics.

Intro to iOS Development


  • Introduction to Swift 4
  • Introduction to Xcode 9
  • Setup MAC OSx in Windows
  • Setup Xcode in MAC OSx


Basic Controls


  • Label
  • Button and Actions
  • Alerts & ActionSheets




  • Strings & Variables
  • Connecting Outlets


App Styling


  • WebView
  • Textfield & TextView
  • ScrollView
  • Image Assets
  • Launch Screen


Core Concepts


  • Comments
  • Naming Concepts
  • Booleans


Flow Controls


  • Loops
  • Switch




  • User Define Functions
  • Using Parameters




  • Arrays
  • Dictionaries
  • Objects


Table Views & Collection Views


  • TableView Delegates & DataSource
  • TableView Cell
  • CollectionView Delegates & DataSource
  • CollectionView Cell




  • Encoding & DeCoding
  • Object Classes
  • Incorporating Arrays


Data Persistence


  • User Defaults
  • PList
  • Core Data


Auto Layouts


  • Intro to Auto Layouts
  • Adding & Removing Constraints


Web APIs


  • JSON Parsing
  • Saving & Reading Data




  • Local Notifications
  • Push Notifications


3rd Party Frameworks


  • Intro to 3rd Party SDKs
  • Intro to Cocoa Pods
  • Pod Implementation


Version Control with Git


  • Intro to Online Repository System
  • Working with Bit Bucket & Source Tree
  • Clone, Commit, Push & Pull Code


AppStore & I Tunes


  • Intro to App Store & I Tunes
  • How to upload app on Store