Director's Message

Muhammad Adeel Javaid


There are huge challenges in today’s global and highly competitive markets and we have to ensure that you are ready for them.


It’s my pleasure to welcome you the leading Information Technology institute. Those who are interested in IT career such as Computer Operators, Applications Developer, Database Administrator, Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, .NET Developer, Java Developer, Mobile applications developer, Web Developer, Software Developer, Telecommunications, Database Administrators (DBA's), Systems Administration, Security Specialist - all majors in our institute.

The mark of any institute lies in the quality of values it delivers to the rest of the world. These values must always be solid, professional and positive. Career Institute is well-known for providing quality education in information technology. We are proud that this institution has consistently maintained its tradition of excellence in the field of technical education till date.

At Career Institute, we have groomed our students with great care, ensuring that the best available inputs and the latest technology have gone into the process. Our thrust is to provide highest standards of education in Information Technology and enabling our students to achieve professional competence in their chosen fields. We believe in learning by capturing set of experiences and enable one to explore new realms of wisdom. Students at Career Institute enjoy enormous and therefore demonstrate a high level of creativity, innovation and a spirit of teamwork. The academic atmosphere of the institute is so conducive and professional; this has helped students to develop their personalities and improve their performance which has in turn led Career Institute Alumni reach very senior levels in top companies all over the world.

The institute has modernized its entire infrastructure- thus scaling new heights in the field of technical education through the dedicated efforts of its faculty, staff and students.

Top-class and internationally certified faculty and contemporary teaching methods are some of the fundamentals that attract top-quality students like you and ensure that when you complete your education, you earn the most rewarding jobs. This, quite simply, is what we offer at Career Institute. And that is what sets us apart from the crowd.

On the other hand, I really thanks to Cisco Networking Academy who give me a chance to facilitate the students of our nation on Cisco standards. Career Institute is authorized Cisco Networking Academy in Faisalabad, Pakistan. And we are providing national and international jobs to our Cisco Networking Academy students with the help of Cisco platform.

In recent years, we have almost 500 plus Cisco certified students that will position Career Institute as one of the most progressive, top and innovative institute across the province and the country.

Career Institute impacts many lives every day and our many industry partners, community organizations and donors are helping us meet future opportunities with vision and determination.

We invite you to support investment, innovation and impact through the Career Institute. Your support will provide continued and enhanced innovation in education now, and for generations to come.

Thank you for supporting student success at Career Institute.

Best Regards,
Muhammad Adeel Javaid