Hacking Session 1: Linux Operating System

Feb 10, 2017

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Faisalabad One Day 04:00

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Linux Course Overview:

The Linux course, developed and supported by NDG, teaches students the fundamentals of the Linux operating system and command line, and basic open source concepts.


By the end of this course, students will be able to:


Understand how Linux is used and the basics of the command line.

Apply skills using Linux virtual machine with step-by-step and hands-on lab activities.

Build foundational knowledge for progressively mastering Linux commands.

Connect with the global community.

Students utilize a web browser to access the Linux content modules, lab exercises and virtual machines via Web Portal. Each learner has hands-on access to a Linux virtual machine to practice, explore, and test Linux command-line concepts.


This course aligns with part of the CompTIA A+ Certification.  CompTIA A+ is a powerful credential that helps IT professionals worldwide ignite their IT career.  To learn more about CompTIA A+, visit https://certification.comptia.org/certifications/a.


Job Opportunity:

Understanding the Linux command line can be a powerful skill for Information Technology professionals.  The skills taught in the NDG Linux are applicable to a wide range of Information Technology career paths, including network engineering, software development and Linux administration


Audience & Certificate

This workshop has been prepared for anyone who has a basic computer knowledge and has an urge to join IT as profession . After completing this workshop you will be awarded by certificate of completion by NDG Linux .



No Prerequisites